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The Weimar Guitar Quartet is an enchanting innovation in the world of chamber music. The ensemble consists of Stephanie Jones, Karmen Stendler, Hanna Link and Jakob Schmidt. The four renowned musicians from Australia, Slovenia and Germany played their first concert together in 2016. Since then they have been inseparable on stage, where they delighted their listeners with an unmistakable enthusiasm for all sounds the guitar has to offer.

Their playing is notable for their great technical repertoire, a wealth of contrasts and sound colours, and an uncompromising devotion to music in detail and drama. All four musicians were fortunate to enjoy an exceptional education with the best teachers from across the globe. This, along with many awards and prizes, is only a confirmation of an unforgettable experience that is shared with a world-wide audience.

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They’re young, they’re cool and they play SO well together!
— Classical Guitar Magazine

Track listing

01 - Nebulae (by Olga Amelkina-Vera)
02 - Comme un tango (by Patrick Roux)

A Collection of Elizabethan Dances:
03 - Des Rotschenken Tantz (by William Brade)
04 - The Honeysuckle (by Anthony Holborne)
05 - Fantaisie (by Orlando Gibbons)
06 - Joyne Hands (by Thomas Morley)
07 - Now is the Month of Maying (by Thomas Morley)
08 - The Frog Galliard (by Thomas Morley)

09 - Mélodie Op. 5, Nr. 4 (by Fanny Hensel)
10 - Prelude & Fugue in F# minor (by Clara Schumann) 

Six Fish (by Nigel Westlake)

11 - I. Guitar Fish
12 - II. Sunfish
13 - III. Spangled Emperor
14 - IV. Sling-Jaw Wrasse
15 - V. Leafy Sea-dragon
16 - VI. Flying Fish 

17 - Spin (by Andrew York)
18 - Toccata (by Leo Brouwer)
19 - Uarekena (by Sergio Assad)

Total runtime: 53'12''

Printed, recorded and edited in Germany.


Looking forward to sharing our musical endeavours with you!

weimar guitar quartet