Karmen Štendler: FIRST

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Karmen’s debut album «First» will take you on a journey of the intimate, yet powerful sound of the classical guitar. 

This album includes some of Karmen's favourite renowned pieces written for the classical guitar from renaissance to the 21st century – from Spanish composers such as Rodrigo, Aguado and Milán through Frank Martin’s expressive suite of the early 20th century Quatre pièces brèves and back to her slavic roots through the music of two Slovenian composers (Srebotnjak and Rojko) and Variations on a Theme by Scriabin written by Polish composer Alexandre Tansman.

“Can you guess why I love this CD so much? Is it Karmen's musicianship? Her extensive tonal palette? Her dynamic range? I do love all those things, but what I love most is that the album is a tour de force of programming. Karmen makes each piece part of a larger story and in so doing gives it more life than it would have on its own. Whatever you have heard before will become new. Don't even consider buying one or two tracks on iTunes. Buy the whole CD, find a quiet block of time, and listen to it all. You will be amazed.”



Track listing

01 - Introduction and Rondo brillant, op. 2 no. 2 (by Dionisio Aguado)
02 - En los trigales (by Joaquín Rodrigo)
03 - Fête villageoise 'Rondo caprice', op. 20 (by Giulio Regondi)

Quatre pièces brèves (by Frank Martin)
04 - Prèlude
05 - Air
06 - Plainte
07 - Comme une Gigue
08 - Due movimenti (by Alojz Srebotnjak)
09 - Variations on a theme by Scriabin (by Alexandre Tansman)
10 - Chiton (by Uroš Rojko)

11 - Fantasía XI (by Luis Milán)
12 - Waves Dance (by Claudio Decorti)

In the counterpoint of the “Fantasia No. XI” by Luis Milán she found a consistent balance and with the same conviction she also tackles more contemporary repertoire, in which it is very clear that she effectively unifies her knowledge of composer’s style with her own way of expression and her distinctive temperament.
— Music Magazine "Glasna"